Thursday, December 22, 2016

New Series (I hope)

Second Simone Weil Series:


There has been a lot of freedom of thought over the past few years, but no thought. I thought I heard a bird means I did not, where thought sits in for mis-perception. Thought sits on the bench, alert to her team's mistakes. Someone advises knowing game theory, then abandons his thread. Pull hread and it unravels, the tapestry and its knights, its ladies, a loom's slow etiquette. Fast forward cannot alter the flower's process, but adrenaline rips bud from battered stem. Repetition, like an injured knee, takes time. No matter how many times she watches The Triplets of Belleville, she wonders how the dog climbs stairs on such narrow legs. Trump's adviser avers: “drain the swamp” was performative. So lock her up.

 --22 December 2016

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