Wednesday, December 28, 2016

28 December 2016

It isn't the quantity of metal which matters, but the degree of alloy. Aaron “transcends” social media by sitting on the stoop with his dog. I suggest “being” would work better. He replaces “transcend” with “cultivate”; simply “being” being too dull a thing. Most days, Louis DuPre drew a horizontal line on the board to separate us from what transcends us. He wore beautiful brown leather shoes. Why can't a man live on an island and be, he asked. Being works better, but it does not work. Sits in the rain and notes its rhythm. Men at Work was a book about playing. To be busy is either to make work or to make excuses. To excuse is sometimes to forgive; that comes not from thought but impulse. Sins of anger are more forgivable than those of pain, (Marcus Aurelius). Recent outbreaks of violence at malls across the country were not linked in any way, authorities tell us. Effects without cause are chaos. It's what keeps us in line.

--28 December 2016

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