Friday, December 30, 2016

30 December 2016

Totalitarianism's idolatrous course can only be arrested by coming up against a genuinely spiritual way of life. He assumes power as a mask. To assume is not to know, but to trust that one might. I assume the weather will remain cold but that assumption is mine, not the weather's. He presumes to govern it, too, in the guise of markets and consumer spending, a strange weather that clings like fog to things. The red wheelbarrow at Ace Hardware in Kea'au can be had for $43.66. If I buy it, will I better understand the poem that named it? If I sell my name, will it mean more to me? My student was surprised I asked him to define “happiness.” It's a given, but everything here is sold. We're indebted to happiness; we give it everything we have. “I was shocked at the pain I saw in peoples' faces in Ohio.” Where is the aisle, or isle, that holds it close, like a “laying deer” (at 50% off) or the tuition we'll never pay? The spirit asks only for minimum wage, but in Cleveland you're not even allowed to vote on that.

--30 December 2016

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