Sunday, March 22, 2015


It can enjoy in another, as well as enjoy him. The pronoun is a robot; it gives us gender, as it offers us something to do. My student didn't know that “is” comes from the verb “to be.” Depends on how you define being. She makes an altar, prays away the voices in her head (except those she recites to us), gives herself away. Why teach a book that you hate?! Refrain requires disambiguation, unless repetition stops us. He made typos in his handwriting: “extemity” without the “r.” Another makes a litmus test for his friends. I remember that blue line, miscarriage. Her son wanders the house, turning off lights and television. We lock the doors against their wandering. Her Alzheimer's was better for me than for her. The switches kept getting flipped. Flip your lid, she'd say. Flip your lid.

--22 March 2015

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