Sunday, March 8, 2015


But it was no great mistake to say, that to have blessings and not to prize them is to be in hell. He was hiking to the Stairway to Heaven from the ridge top when he disappeared. No one can find the someone who saw him; no one can find his phone, his bag, his white shirt, his slippers. Drone photos reveal what only seem to be human forms. The mountain closes around him, and then it lies. Two nurses heard a call; a man heard whistles, seeing nothing. Pua'a appeared in camp, nuzzled one man's leg. Put a GoPro on him; he'll find the boy. Trust the hoailona. Pray to Jesus. His last photo, a stub of land in the air, worn grass, bare dirt, a cleft, H3 tunnels far below, incoming clouds.

--8 March 2015

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