Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Torturer's Real Estate

LOTS of "WOW!" You will "Oooh & Ahhh" at this special
home in the perfect setting! The torturer ordered that
the detainee be "shackled to the wall of his cell in a position

that required him to rest on the bare concrete floor."
Invisible fence exists! Rahman, who was wearing only
a sweatshirt, was found dead of hypothermia.

Forced air: heat pump. Central cooling. Rahmen's
wife and four daughters were never notified,
though he did not meet the "standard for detention."

Footnote 32 calls it a case of "mistaken identity."
Every room overlooks a stream or pond.
The pond is stocked! Feel free to fish!

The torturer suffered a "lack of honesty, judgment,
and maturity," according to the Senate report. He had
"issues in his background." Attached garage

728 square feet. Partial basement 416.
He was perhaps CIA Officer 1 in the report,
recommended for a $2,500 bonus for superior work;

in 2009 he shipped home 26 containers of "House Hold
Goods & Personal Effect" from Jeddah to a home
in Great Falls, Virginia. It rents for over $4,000

a month; CIA Officer 1 now lives elsewhere.
The house is filled with oriental carpets, as reported
on Zillow; readers may be familiar with Zillow, a website

that lists houses for sale, yet not know that the workplace
has been described as a "frat house." One worker received
unwanted sex toy ads via email and texts.

CIA Officer 1 spent time in Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia,
where one assumes the carpets were made. Rahman's murder
took place in the Salt Pit, good for interrogations because

"it was the closest thing to a dungeon." Even some interrogators
complained. The mid-level prisoners cowered like dogs. Guards
tiptoed through the darkness, carrying headlamps. One detainee

hung from the ceiling for 17 days, a bucket below to catch
his waste. There are updated bathrooms in the Custom
Contemporary Cape Cod on Wise Owl Way in Great Falls,

Virginia, and there are five acres, five bedrooms and four baths;
there is a circular staircase and there is art on the walls;
but no one knows what happened to CIA Officer 1; he slipped

the invisible fence and refused to respond to attempts
to reach him."We have no comment," the CIA said.
But there's a lasting mark on the Agency's record.

Thank you to Donald Dunbar.…/20…/12/15/charmed-life-cia-torturer/…/10601-Wise-Owl-Way-G…/51700093_zpid/…/la-fg-torture-salt-pit-20141210-st…

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