Friday, December 26, 2014


Yet these are the things which it is difficult to retain. Where “thing” may or may not be material. Where the material word might inflate like a yoga ball. Time cannot be flexed until it's gone, is not a Walmart greeter, paid by the hour to wave. She didn't even smile at us, said a woman to her husband. I knew this to be a racist incident. The woman who had not smiled did not work at the diner, nor did her young daughter. When is motivation mystery, word without image, and when is it text taking flight? If the plane pulls a banner that reads, “we turn our backs on you,” we understand. If we turn our own backs to the plane, we're either sayingno to it, or looking on our iPhones for dinner. The maps are not fixed, even on paper. 

--26 December 2014 

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