Monday, July 14, 2014

mem card: "salvage or suicide": 14 july

Mind is walls, tiles, pebbles. After death, a tile-cleaning, pebbles in the mouth. He saves his dead son's junk mail, as if he could still buy what he didn't need. My friend's father was stabbed by a Palestinian on a street in Jerusalem. What they do is not in my name but in my economy. RIMPAC actors destroyed a ship yesterday with a new Norwegian missile. Karl Ove's third book arrived in the afternoon, along with a cat comb. There are days when detail is either salvage or suicide. My “friend,” he writes, asks to be de-friended if you side with Israel. Outsource your disdain onto its actor. They're all bad, Kevin Spacey said. From his father's ceiling a dozen knives hung down like hams from their hooks.

                                                                 --14 July 2014

"Mind is walls": Dogen

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