Saturday, July 5, 2014

mem card: "bike ride": 5 july

The “eyebrows” and “eyes” are mountains and oceans, because mountains and oceans are eyebrows and eyes. The mountain is net; ocean lacks stoppage time. Ahuimanu: clutch of birds. Small brown ones skitter as I ride my bike up Kahekili's shoulder. Landmarks for the dead: a football jersey & photo; cross & lower plaque (Courtney & Micah); some dim flowers in a pot, an upside down bucket. Stalks lean over a square of cement across from the sewage plant. Convertible mustangs whizz by, a truck with two sleeping women in the bed. Yes, she saw my phone up the road where I thought I'd hit a rock. Keep the Country Country. New City / What a Pity. There's a new lo`i beside the plantation houses. A Smoke Meat sign sits beside two lawn mowers. Inside the van, man hugs dog. To notice is not to know anything. Say mantras for dead chickens, doves; repetition might not heal, but it takes time.

                                                               --5 July 2014

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