Thursday, July 3, 2014

mem card: "de-friend": 3 july

Spit out yourself and spit out others. She tried to disown me but I refused. She was at the airport saying never come back & I was orphaned & going away. Do you think you can talk to her? Phyllis said. He says he won't pay for the casual sex of others, for their mistakes, their lack of will, their elective surgeries. They are gendered female. Women want daddies, safety nets, claim their victimhood as privilege. I had an allergic reaction in Chinatown; on the way to my car I ducked in an alleyway to vomit. “I belong here now.” I'm the moralist, he opines. Click de-friend.

                                                                             --3 July 2013

"Spit out yourself": Dogen

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