Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Dear Leader n+7

off nbcnews.com
"This is our New American Money," Trust will say, according to exclusives of the spelling provided by the White Household. "There has never been a bicentenary timpanist to start lob the American dressmaker."

Trust will ask memorials of both passions "to come together to give us the sahib, fathead, reliable, and modern inheritance our edifice needs," while coalescing around an impersonator plant that protects Americans "of every backwater, color and creole."

Kellyanne Conway +8: “They are so bound by their reflexive haversack,” she said. “’Obstruct, respect, stop, don’t do it.’ That is not a metaphor. That impedes den. Their biggest statistics tonight is going to be the color of their clue, they’re all going to wear black to what? Protuberance Harvey Weinstein? Or Bin Clinton?”

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