Friday, March 3, 2023

Wayne Shorter and Ikeolu Terrell

Sent an email to our old friend, Ikeolu Clinton Terrell, yesterday on the passing of Wayne Shorter, whom I remember he liked. Message bounced. Went to his FB page, which he rarely used, only to find out that he had died a couple of years ago. RIP Ikeolu. Here's a blogpost I wrote about him years ago. We used to talk about our very different experiences of Yale, and much else.He grew up in SC LA, I in the VA suburbs, though neither of us escaped traumas of various kinds. Sangha Webster will remember him as the man who brought us hundreds of photographs, which he spread across our living room floor. He was a man who changed many lives for better, including my husband's, through his work for Youth at Risk (which Bryant helped with, and was helped by).
Reposted from 2010:

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