Sunday, December 4, 2022

Lilith meets Tall Man Theory, redux


1. "Please keep your dog on a leash," I called out to the blonde woman walking across the parking lot from me and Lilith. "He IS on a leash," she responded. "I mean, all the time; we had a bad experience the other day," I said. "I know," she said. "I just felt really sorry for my dog," I continued. "No hard feelings, just letting you know." And that was it.
2. I spotted him coming down the hill at the cemetery and cut a corner to greet him. "Excuse me! I have a new book out and you're in it," I declared. "Really?" "About the time I bummed some poop bags off of you and you said dog owners are like cigarette smokers." He laughed. He still has two dogs, but one's a puppy. The other one passed, he said. He asked me what the book's title is. LILITH WALKS, said I. "LILITH WALKS," said he. On Amazon? Yes, on Amazon. He kept going: puppy and church.
Quiz: The marketing strategy described in number 2 works best for
a) situations 1 and 2
b) situation 1 only
c) situation 2 only
d) never

PS: Number 2's story can be found on page 31 of LILITH WALKS.

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