Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Lilith and the grim mien


Lilith seemed reluctant to walk this morning. It was hot, and she was cozy under her blue blanket. She also recognizes the signs. The signs are bigger than usual, and her crate is nowhere in sight. One of two large black bags says "yellow" in Chinese, or so Bryant tells me. He doesn't read Chinese either. The overflow is in Priority Mail boxes, set by the door, ready to be sent.
As we turn up Kahekili, Lilith and I, we spot a middle-aged white woman of grim mien with two large dogs. Her husky lies down on the sidewalk to signal interest in Lilith. The retriever has just made work for the woman with her green bag. As we get closer, she pulls her dogs away with some difficulty. I laugh. "It's not funny," she says.

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