Saturday, December 18, 2021

Neo-liberal warming


18 December 2021

Because I can’t cry

I might be immune from grief

Skinned knees and other

Suffering, unless

Expression fails to be cause

For my suffering

Fools gladly, includes

The man in elf hat on zoom

The youngest woman

Says she also lost

Husband, careened back

Such diagnoses

Campbell’s alphabet

Soup letters at the ready

To shift positions

Each letter a hurt

Egret hobbling in graveyard

Foot mangled by mower

White punctuation

Against Ko`olau green be-

fore corporate grave

Sites gentrified with

Fountains, there I saw marker

For a couple, still

Alive, epitaph

Sweet, dates incomplete, who now

Aren’t there; divorce is

Death before dying

Mortality prep, lettered

In unresolved con-

flict inflicted on

Denizens of hope (skeptics

Need apply) resume

Works until it’s re-

sume, rhyming with Calais

Callous professors

Unfamiliar with

New austerity measures

You provide the print

The paper, belief

In individual coping

Skills—what we market


Arts my major, graft my skill

Craft a tiny boat

Of clay and wattles

The allusive mud I learned

To spread on thick, no

Currency now that

Once future ice melt ensues

No trawler to cut

Its incipient

Absence, holes we do not grieve

Swallow us whole.

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