Monday, December 27, 2021

Found wandering in Mililani


27 December 2021

Someone loved Murphy

Before he became Murphy

Dog, one-eyed gimpy

Legged flat-faced dog

Head half-shaved, white fur on nose

Two seniors discount

“I’m a free dog,” he

Might have said, like guy in grave-

Yard who wears no mask

When he sells flowers

“No need,” he told me; and he’s

The one foretold 1/

6 last December

Anne calls her dog Murphy Mouse

After her father

Marie Murphy my

Late friend, why not early friend

Who left before me?

Wanted his ashes

Put down the can at Dublin’s

Theater instead

Scattered on bar floor--

In Cork all stores had Irish

Names which surprised

Me oddly, town rich

From Viagra, one man tells

Me, another glad

An Englishman asked

Him for a job, that was years

Ago, irony

Is historical

Time, no fun in forever

It flattens us out

Less contour fewer

Potholes, her nephews wouldn’t

Get shots for father

With cancer, waited

Until restaurants opened

To those with vax cards

Family folded in

Self folded like bananas

Batter up this age

Of suicidal

Ideation in place of

Ideals which offer

No discounts no ad-

options reductio adds

And life cashes out.

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