Saturday, September 18, 2021

Tacoma - Seattle - Tacoma (Guns drugs and rock n' roll)



After a longish night of someone pounding on our motel door, someone with an artificially high voice who at one point announced self as "housekeeping." Reminded me of the time in Cork when my hostel door was pounded on all night by someone who announced himself as the Taliban. The motel keeper reads Dante and uses Lamy pens.
What we found in a blue sac in the motel drawer. [at least a hundred keys, including a possible bump key; two credit cards, clearly stolen, one owned by the perp (motel keeper figured it all out; the stuff had been there for days); clip of 9 millimeter hollow-point rounds; tiny clear bottle; ear bud container lacking buds; grocery store rewards card.] The perp had been moved out of our room to another, but neglected to take his stuff. In retrospect, I suspect the perp took the identity of the owner of that last credit card . . .
While we talked to the motel manager (reader of Dante and the Tao Te Ching, poet and visual artist) this morning about the ammo clip, stolen cards, and masses of keys found in a bag in our drawer, he mentioned "the Kurt Cobain suite" upstairs. Why is it called that? I wondered. Cobain stayed there, under an assumed name, it seems. He also stayed in another room, but the manager doesn't tell anyone that, because he doesn't want a "double legend" out there. The motel room appears in a documentary about Cobain; years later, a businessman killed himself in that room, and our motel manager friend found the body. So this is what I found:
The motel also appears in the documentary about Cobain's last days, which can be watched on YouTube, as we did last night after the Cardinals game: 
And then I found that the airbnb we just checked into in Tacoma is at 4114; the Marco Polo Motel's address is on 4114 Aurora.
We are now in Tacoma with a beautiful view of the Sound, in a house owned by a Belgian former professional tennis player who is a massage therapist and watercolorist. I do not expect to find gun clips here. 

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