Saturday, June 19, 2021

Lilith meets Republicans on Haunani Road


We crossed paths on Haunani Road with the older couple (my age, if not Lilith's) we'd encountered several times before. The first time, on passing us (Lilith has important research duties by the side of the road), the man had said cryptically, "the dog is now following Republicans." So as we crossed paths today, I said, "Are these the Republicans?" She smiled, but he did not; they both answered in the affirmative. I said, "oh, gosh," in lieu of anything else. He said, "it's reality," as they disappeared behind us. The word "reality" turned my mind to mush, as if my mother in her dementia had told me--which she did--that I'd gone to Catholic school, when it was she who had done so, unhappily. It took me walking half-way up Kilauea to realize I should have turned and said, loudly and brightly, HAPPY JUNETEENTH!

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