Friday, January 15, 2021

Not paying attention


Lilith and I ran into her favorite dog, walked by her favorite dog's person, who sometimes calls me "mom." He voted for Biden, though in 2012 he says he voted for Mickey Mouse, instead of Obama. I said I'd been watching too many videos from the Capitol. "I know it happened, but I'm not paying attention to it." Then: "did you see that Biden is going to put minority owned small businesses first in line over white ones? He'd better watch out about these f-king racist things he says." I wished him a good day, and Lilith and I walked to the cemetery.

Later, Lilith's favorite dog's person texted me to say he was just expressing his opinion. When I told him that my children are not white, that I'm not afraid that they'll get unfair perks but that they'll be harmed by white supremacists, he apologized, saying he hadn't thought of it that way.
We're all at wit's end.

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