Saturday, September 5, 2020

Lilith goes to the cemetery and back


He was beside his white VW rice rocket with the best rims, when I approached with Lilith. He was wearing a Yankees cap, which he turned around. He's a young local white man with large eyes, who darts more than moves; his hands are black with grease, dressed in tank top and shorts. I had just passed the angry man with the one-eyed dog named Rosie; the man now wears a blue mask. The younger man hailed me. How are things? "Oh, just when you think they couldn't get worse, they do," he said, darting toward the small set of stairs in front of his unit. He turned his wide green eyes toward me. "The last thing he said that made me angry was," and you know I can't even remember it, there have clearly been so many things. "It's ALL about money for him," he continued. And some people just watch Fox, he said, making a karate chop in the air in front of him to show their focus. "I know, even Fox confirmed the story about dissing the military," I said. He said he had no one to talk to about this, because his mother and brother are well-to-do, and that's who he's for. He darted toward his door, then popped back out. "What's your name?" Susan. "I'm Jared." Nice to meet you again, I said, and he added, "formallee."

Coming back from the cemetery I ran into a woman who asked if I'd gone to Penn (my shirt). She's from that area, has a degree in school psychology. We talked about how dysfunctional mental health is in Hawai`i--all she does is testing, can't even talk to the students. She deals with kids on the autism spectrum. More of them in New Jersey than in any other, husband, a Lt. Colonel, back in Jersey now for guard duty. She has a friendly brown dog, larger than Lilith. I mention the man with the one-eyed dog who is so angry (and sometimes racist) and she says, "he's such a nice man, truly he is." Vietnam Vet.

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