Sunday, July 26, 2020

A Love Supreme (or, awaiting Hurricane Douglas)

The Civil Defense siren was going off--a long one--when I stepped outside to take this picture--a young man who lives near us was playing the "Love Supreme" riff on his saxophone--he'll be going to Berklee School of Music one day--and his mother was taking video. So I walked over on my sciatic leg (ouch) and said, "more Love Supreme, please," and she said, "he's trying to match the pitch of the siren." Near the end of the conversation, she said they have a cat named Alice (for Coltrane) and another named Mingus. I told her Chris Vandercook's story about seeing Mingus in a trench coat heckling a street musician in Washington Square park. "He was a good cat," she said. And of the man, "he always had a lot to say, didn't he?"

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