Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Impeachment bathroom

I left impeachment for a few minutes to walk Lilith. A neighbor (whom Lilith adores) waved me across the parking lot with great enthusiasm. He wanted to show me his renovated bathroom (spent sooo much money on it). Had to wait at his door while he cleared stuff out. He held Lilith while I entered the bathroom. Quartz counter, beveled mirror, a shower that looked like the one I had in a Shanghai hotel. I said, "wow!" which pleased him. It pleased him less when I said my favorite part of the new bathroom (he's polling the neighbors) was the quiet fan. So I obliged him by saying I also really liked the counter. That was the right answer, I gathered. "I bet this is the nicest bathroom in Clubview Gardens," he said. As Lilith and I left we were approached by a worker and two younger guys announcing that the water will be off in most of our area today. I kind of recognized the older guy, but don't know him. Then he turns to me and grins: "Big day in impeachment, isn't it?" he says. "Did you see what happened?! He flipped!" I responded. He smiled and walked away. Behind me, my neighbor thanked me for looking at his bathroom.

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