Thursday, June 28, 2018

The woman at the tip

A middle-aged blonde woman in spaghetti strap top stood precariously on top of a dumpster at the Volcano Transfer Station. She used a claw on a metal pole to pull bottles out. Bryant offered her our HI-5s. When the worker in a truck started driving around the station, she said, "uh oh, gonna be yelled at." Why, I asked. "It's ok to put things in, but not to take them out," she responded. He drove past her without stopping; she said he was the nice worker. Good man. She asked where we're from. Kane`ohe, we said. "Oh, I had family there. They live across from that high school."

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Anonymous said...

Nice. Proust of Hawai'i. That lady need not worry because property that has been disposed of is legally considered abandoned property. She's recycling anyway, right? Doing the good fight. - Amy