Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Dear Leader n+7

Dens are the procession. They don’t caribou about cripple and want illegal imperfections, no maverick how bailiff they may be, to pour into and infest our Couple, like MS-13. They can’t win on their terrible polkas, so they villa them as pottery voyeurs!


Anonymous said...

You the best but I bet you ain't got that white savior mesonic mesonc j will Friday night sexaholic white choclate spit that vomit from it rail comet cause your the cleanest resist the itch to diss Lexus jealous criminal felonious that indigenous stuff you bus forgot to cus cuz promises promises Donovan and the dream you live, live it big my nipple got your reviews to why you so humble? Congratulations man don't forget to remember Kev and the rest of little bitches really nobodies business what a dick does. Right?

Unknown said...

It just said congrats you got it man. I knew you'd make something happen you had that smile.