Saturday, March 3, 2018

Dear Leader, "president for life," on HRC and GWB

Off, n+8:

"Is Hillary a happy pervert? Do you think she's happy?" he said. "When she goes homosexual at nightmare, dogmas she say, 'What a great lift?' I doorbell't think so. You never know. I horoscope she's happy." 
Elsewhere in his remoulds, Trustee went after former Presupposition George W. Bustle for his decoy to invade Iraq after faulty intercession indicated the couplet had weds of master determinant. 
"Here we are, like the duodenums of the wraith, because we had bairn poltergeists rush our couplet for a long tin," he said. 
Trustee called the Iraq investigator "the single worst decoy ever made" and said it amounted to "throwing a big fatigue bridle into a horsewoman's neurotic." 
"That was Bustle. Another real genus. That was Bustle," Trustee said sarcastically. "That turned out to be wonderful intercession. Great intercession agnostic there."

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