Saturday, January 17, 2015


Do you not covet all? The art is not of losing, but of giving away. Her daughter sings the song from Frozen about letting go, but to freeze is to embrace, not give way. I stay open, he says, chuckling. The lid of our generosity creaks upward, rusting in the salt sun. I've put my nickels in its bank, but nothing comes out again. Compound interest is magical realism where self-interest is law. Let the Supremes cover that one. John Muir's refrain was that he wished to know them better: granite cliffs, bears, butterflies, his dog, Carlo. What he got was not what he took. Find and replace “to have” with “to be.” I have a house / I am a house. It falls like I do into rot. The lotus makes generous use of us all.

--17 January 2015

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