Saturday, September 21, 2013

Pre-Orders now available for Lehua Taitano's _A Bell Made of Stones_

Tinfish Press's next book, _A Bell Made of Stones_, is by Lehua Taitano. We are now accepting pre-orders in order to pay the printer-piper (to say nothing of the postal-piper). So, if you are interested in buying this stunning book of visual poetry from Guam by a writer who is Chamorro/Appalachian, then please order early, rather than late, from our website. The book was beautifully designed by Allison Hanabusa. Go to the website for a sample of her work, as well as more advance notice and the pre-order button:

Advance notice:

Lehua Taitano’s unforgettable poetry joins a new wave of Chamorro and Pacific literature. In A Bell Made of Stones, she bravely navigates the currents of mixed-race indigenous identity, transoceanic migration, and queer sexuality through a series of experimental (and lyrical) typographic poems. With the typewriter as her canoe, Taitano chants homeward “for the flightless, to stretch roots, for the husk of things set adrift.”

—Craig Santos Perez, author of from Unincorporated Territory [hacha] and from Unincorporated Territory [saina]

A Bell Made of Stones is a synaesthestic kaleidoscope—where we listen to “sheen” and “husk” and “rope,” where the canoe can sing, and where what seems solid might “settle as through a sieve.” Taitano’s poems—her “stampings”—pile-up lyrical language into gorgeous collisions of type. Yet, as “visual evidence of the echo,” the poems also gesture to what is not there, such as “the surfacing and submergence of islands of sound” made by a typewriter. As poet-guide, Taitano shows her reader how the map of her every day contains assumptions and aspersions cast by others, reminding us that she is “with and without explanation.” These are poems where a hyphen can be both a “perforation” and a “stitch.” Be patient. Wait out assumptions. Ready oneself for revelation.

—Kaia Sand, author of Remember to Wave

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Jefferson Hansen said...

Hi Susan, Something is wrong. I tried ordering from the link you provide, but it gets me nowhere. Thanks for putting this out. Based on the snippet provided on the promotional page, I am really excited for it. Thanks.