Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New jacket2 post

A new post on the demise of the University of Missouri Press, university publishing more generally, and even smaller press publishing. 

A teaser:

"Money is a kind of poetry," but poetry is not a kind of money

A counter-economy of publishing in the era of budget-cuts

Art by Lian Lederman
A few years ago I was teaching a class on poetry and politics when my students got angry with me.  I had just laughed at their stated ambition to make money writing poetry.  My laughter, they informed me--in no uncertain terms--meant that I did not take them or their work seriously.  That day's lesson plan fell aside as I told them about the (im)balance sheet of Tinfish Press, about doing one's life's work while losing buckets of money at it.  And, hardest of all to fathom, why such a thing might be worthwhile.

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