Wednesday, November 9, 2011

_Memory Cards: 2010-2011 Series_: New book from Singing Horse Press

I'm pleased to announce publication of my new book from Singing Horse Press in San Diego, designed by Eric Butler in Honolulu (designer of the Tinfish Retro Chapbook Series).

Please order from Small Press Distribution in Berkeley.

The book is composed of nine sequences of 10 prose poems. except when I failed to count correctly. Each poem in a sequence begins from a randomly chosen phrase or line from a poet (among the poets are Lissa Wolsak, John Ashbery, and Albert Saijo). These poets, whom I was reading as I wrote the poems, write meditative, often abstract, poems. But the memory cards move from the abstract into the tangible, the local, the political. One of the sequences was published recently in EOAGH. So here's a sample.

Just as an aside, I ordered postcards for the book, which arrived during the seventh game of the World Series. Postcards about memory cards during the St. Louis Cards' World Series victory!

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