Saturday, June 4, 2011

The difficulties of long-distance daughtering: updated mom report

In yesterday's report, I wrote that my mother has pneumonia, which is what I thought I heard on the telephone. Ah, but the misunderstandings of long distance daughtering--my mother doesn't have pneumonia, after all. She's resting in bed, smiled at the nurse (I was told on the phone), and then made it clear she was through talking. That sounds like her.

From the social worker, yesterday:

I am working with your mom until her new care manager _______ begins next week. I received a call from Arden Court today and asked they contact you. The nurse reported to me that your mom was started on an antibiotic for a cough this week. They're concerned as she remains weak and her appetite has decreased. They are thinking an evaluation by a hospice nurse would be appropriate. Based on the information they told me, I think this is appropriate. It would be an evaluation to determine if she meets their criteria.
I don't know if Arden Court reached you and wanted to ensure you are aware of their concern. I plan to visit your mom next week to get an update on her status. Please contact me if you have any questions. I will give you an update after I see her.

and today:

What I was told was that the xray was negative. I asked about this because I was confused as to why she was started on an antibiotic if the xray didn't show anything. The nurse explained to me that she had a cough and has a history of pneumonia. It then made sense that they were treating the symptoms and attempting to prevent a pneumonia from developing. I'll double check this. It appears there's a respiratory issue one way or another.

I am sorry that out of the blue I'm bringing you this type of news. I'll let you know of any updates I receive as I plan to follow up with the nurse over the weekend.

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