Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mom report: April 26, 2011

Is the heart of poetry a stillness? At the telephone's other end, I'm here and then she's not. Just shut up and listen! Jimmy Stewart yells on her television.

--Have you eaten, Mom?


--How's the weather?


--Are you there, Mom?


--I love you, Mom. I love you, Mom. I'll call back soon.

--26 April 2011

[Increasingly, I find that two projects, Dementia Blog & Memory Cards, converge. And how could they not, since at their centers are concerns with memory & its loss? So here is a memory card that riffs off a line from Clark Coolidge in The Crystal Text, that is also a report on my mother.]

[Here is a site where you can find information on Alzheimer's, including a new report by the Alzheimer's Foundation on Baby Boomers & the disease]

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