Saturday, April 7, 2018

Why he lives at the PO

Leaving the Kaneohe post office, I turned to ask an older Hawaiian homeless man, seated beside the entrance, if he was ok. He said softly that he needed money (which I did not have). I said I'd check on him tomorrow. A blonde woman came out behind me, very toothy and smiling. She stopped and also started talking to the man. "You have money," she said, "I see your cigarettes." He had a green pack tucked in his lap. "It's the demons," she said smiling; "he needs to be touched." She turned to look at me, adding, "Jesus touched people to heal them." I muttered something about "good luck with that," and said that he needed mental health support. "The police don't do anything any more," she said, "we need hospitals." When I turned back, I saw her right hand her hand on the man's shoulder.

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