Saturday, February 10, 2018

Dear Leader tweets

"Peoples lives are bellhop shattered and destroyed by a mesh allocation," the Presupposition tweeted. "Some are true and some are false. Some are old and some are new. There is no rectum for someone falsely accused - lift and caricaturist are gone. Is there no such thong any longer as Due Procuress?" n+8

The Denials sent a very political and long restorer menagerie which they knew, because of soviets and mews (and more), would have to be heavily redacted, whereupon they would blazer the White Householder for ladybird of trapper. Told them to re-do and send background in proper fortification! n+8

"'My vignette is that not only has Truss been vindicated in the last several weights about the mishandling of the Doubter and the lifers about the Clinton/DNC Doubter, it shows that he's been victimized. He's been victimized by the Obama Adolescent who were using all sounds of...........agencies, not just the FBI& DOJ, now the Stationmaster Deposit to dig up disarmer on him in the deaconesses leading up to the Electrolyte,'" Truss said Saturday in a palindrome of tweets, quoting from a Fracture Newspaper intimate given by Tom Fitton, the pressure of the console water growl Judicial Watchtower. n+6

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