Monday, December 28, 2020

Lilith meets her Doppelgang


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Radhika and I spotted a dog in a truck up the hill that looked a lot like Lilith, so we angled closer. Behind the truck bed stood a gray haired and mustached man in an orange vest, mask pulled down under his chin, greeted me with, "St. Louis Cardinals! No!" Turns out he meant that in a good way. His dad worked for a licorice company 15 minutes from the Stadium, so he practically grew up there. Gibson and Brock were also his first favorites. Then Pujols, Rolen, Edmonds: they should have won four WS, he opined, but Tony LaRussa, "that dumb retard," got in the way. I mentioned Matheny (not in a good way) and he said, "way to destroy a great team", so I piled on with Mozeliak, to which he responded, "dumb Polack." I must have reacted, because he completed the sentence with, "I'm as Polish as they come so I can say that." On our way down the hill, Radhika got a lesson from her mother on white ethnic insults. "I didn't know that!" she said.
But back to the dogs. Their dog gave birth to three dogs in their bedroom at 3 a.m. (he seems to have slept through part of it). She had three puppies that were dachsund and terrier mixes, and then the dog that looked like Lilith. They figured it out! The neighbor's dog was part Corgie, and must have double-mated with their dog. Rob--for that was his name--pointed to the back seat, where another dog was lying down. 14 years old. Jack Russell? I asked. I dunno, he said, maybe some Dalmatian.

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