Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Lilith and the Lost Election

On our way out of the cemetery, I stopped at the guard shack to exchange words with the Pacific Islander guy who works there. He's always been friendly, even after I yelled at him and his white co-worker when they told me hospitals order ventilators to make money. He'd teased me about the election in early November. So I leaned toward the plexiglass shield between us and said, "President Biden."
--Oh it's not over, he laughed. Just wait until Jan. 20th! Everything's going to be crazy. It's the legislature . . . have you read the Constitution? The media picked the winner.
--What do you mean? I asked, as tourists drove up to pay their $3 car admission. Your sources are suspect! [I turn to the local tourist and say, "he thinks Trump won the election"]
--By a landslide!
As Lilith and I start walking, he says, How could BIDEN get more votes than OBAMA?
--Because Trump was such a disaster.
And so another ended another sane and reasonable conversation in the time of covid.


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