Tuesday, December 18, 2012

HPR's The Conversation: interview on _Jack London is Dead_

This morning I talked to Chris Vandercook on Hawai`i Public Radio about our forthcoming anthology of writing by white poets (and two fiction writers).  You can access the December 18 interview here.  And the book is here.  Chris was intrigued by the subject matter, the conversation that never really happens in Hawai`i among artists, namely what it's like to write while Caucasian.

Tomorrow my family and I leave for a 17 day trip to Cambodia. I hope to be able to post here and there, but we will be in rural areas and in no-star hotels (we're going with our friend Hongly Khuy and his group of local Cambodian Baptists), so I may have to do my writing old-style, with pen and paper. For the nonce.

Happy holidays, everyone.

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