Sunday, May 15, 2016

Simone Weil 20

Attention . . . is the same thing as prayer. We pay attention, but this is our counter-economy of care. A name is a noun, but it's more fictitious than that: google my father's and you find a criminal antiquities dealer. Leo has had three names: one by birth, one by orphanage, and one by adoption. Attention is not origin. I cannot attend to the past inside of it. If it comes to me it runs again like film through the clamps and clatters onto a second reel. My daughter speeds up video of hip hop dance until it sounds Cambodian. Culture is speed, a form of attention that is only passively shared, like verbs you can't set straight on your tongue. They spill like a cat off a chair. One foreign film was so obscure we couldn't tell the first from the second reel. I rewound the one by hand in the dark.

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Karen said...

Forgot to say: I laughed out loud over the antiquities dealer showing up in here. :)