Thursday, June 9, 2016

Simone Weil 40

To explain suffering is to console it; therefore it must not be explained. The word “integration” was all telling and no showing. “Ruminate” was easier, as I do it so well. “The tendency to negatively ruminate is a stable constant over time and serves as a significant risk factor for clinical depression.” Which came first, the ruminator or her egg? My kids egg me on all the time, trying to get my goat. But I close the door on them, the better to chew my cud. It's the engine of delivery that's acid, not what I pull from its assembly line. Sangha, at 16, imagines what he'd say to younger Sangha if they met. A mirror that doesn't match, self to self-image. The historian who spends his long hours in another century can hardly imagine himself at breakfast. At Kualoa Beach Park a woman asked if he was adopted, and I said yes. So was she, Hawaiian from the mainland. Today he learned how to shift into first and second gear, and then he parked in reverse. 

[with thanks to Wikipedia for its definition]

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